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TannerStone Cast Stone Online Catalog

Welcome to our online catalog which is being updated regularly. TannerStone carries over 4000 stock molds for making TannerStone; here is but a sample of our popular ones. This catalog utilizes frames which most browsers support.

This online catalog is organized by Item Description on left. Just click on an item description in the left frame and in the right frame the available pieces in that item description type will appear.

TannerStone does not sell the molds from which our pieces are created; we sell the fine cast stone created from these high-quality, hand-crafted molds.

The legend at the bottom explains the items surrounding the GIF thumbnail view. You can click on the thumbnail to have it enlarge to a full 798 wide by 617 high GIF file. You can of course copy the GIF file as a reference if you like.

The full GIF picture has information about the mold on the right side of the picture. You will also find DXF's available for most molds as we are adding them.

Of course these items are just our standard pieces which save you time and money. Our sales department and CAD drawing staff can also work with you to create the perfect custom piece for your building as well.

Always feel free to call us... 800-789-4841.

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